all-inclusive experience

Rewire 2024

A retreat for women

Friday, Sept. 20 @ 4pm-Sunday, Sept. 22 @1pm.
$997 shared room or $1150 single


Your Retreat to Unplug and
Reimagine Yourself

All-inclusive experience for women at the beautiful Stepping Stones Retreat Center in Temple, NH.

Isn’t it time for you? We all do so much for all those around us. What would it be like to take three days to unplug, reimagine and rewire?

Create your next best chapter in the company of like-minded change seekers in a beautiful, inspiring, natural setting.

Takeaways and testimonials from the last one.

To give you a flavor of participants like:


“I cannot remember a time where I really sat with myself to figure out my next stage of life. I learned that it’s my turn after years of giving to others and learning to turn inward to find true meaning and fulfillment in my life felt so nourishing.”

“Discovering who I have yet to become and knowing it is not too late. This retreat gave me a new outlook about my next chapter. And I loved the dinner on Friday night where we connected, prepared a meal together creating a significant bond with each other.”

“A benefit of this retreat was that my perspective changed for the better and gave me such hope for my future. I have felt adrift and now I have more direction and time to explore and experiment a bit”
The Rewire Retreat was a valuable and great time at a perfect place in the company of women and time for reflection. Loved the leaders and the venue. Loved our walks on the grounds of the beautiful Alnoba. I highly recommend.”

“My favorite part of the retreat experience was connecting with other women. The venue itself was perfect—calming and beautiful. I left feeling empowered, supported and affirmed. I didn’t realize how much I need this!”