My passion for coaching individuals in transition comes from my own experience.  For years, I worked on defining what worked best for me in a career, pursuing positions in both the non-profit and business spheres. While I never found that “perfect” fit, I learned valuable lessons in each job about what worked for me and what didn’t. Developing that self-awareness and being willing to make bold changes served me well.

As I tackled and learned to manage a variety of work challenges, I developed a strong desire to help others do the same. After years of working in the business, education, and non-profit area, I discovered that this passion was actually my core purpose.  After that, I didn’t look back, leaving my job and founding Demarest Directions. For nearly seven years, it has been my true privilege to work with hundreds of individuals find and successfully pursue their unique career vision and purpose.

Most recently, I have expanded my business to embrace mid-career and retirement/lifestyle coaching. As I worked with my clients, I found that many simply hadn’t envisioned the abundant possibilities for fulfillment in mid-career or thought about what lies beyond work. They still had dreams and a sense of waiting purpose, but felt it was too late to take action. A baby boomer myself, this hit very close to home. Seeking my purpose in mid-career, Demarest Directions became that fulfillment for me. As a mid-career specialist, I work with clients in finding and realizing their unique work path. In my own family, I witnessed firsthand the impact of failing to plan for retirement after decades defined by a work schedule, and it was heartbreaking. As a certified retirement coach, I help individuals redefine their retirement not as an ending, but as a rare opportunity to begin again. I’ve found that with a little reflection, work, and taking action, it is possible to design a post-work life rich in purpose, meaning and balance.

Whether you are seeking a more fulfilling career path, or are looking forward to embracing life after work, I have the passion, resources, and tools to help you. Let’s take this journey together.


  • Certified Career Management Coach
  • Certified Job Search Strategist
  • Retirement Options Coach
  • Certified in EQi 2.0

Professional Affilliations

  • Merrimack Chamber of Commerce
  • Concord Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Nashua Human Resource Association 
  • BNI Synergy Partners