Happy to meet you, I’m

Founder & Certified Coach at Demarest Directions

Demarest Directions is not just a coaching  business for me; it’s a passion project that has evolved into a community. As a Certified Career and Retirement Options Coach, my focus is on guiding individuals through transitions, retirement lifestyle coaching, and aging well with purpose and vitality.

 Helping clients navigate their career and life with purpose.

I’ve been on a journey over the past 25 years—a journey that goes beyond coaching. It’s about creating a space for those in midlife and beyond to proactively shape their future. My goal is to help you envision a fulfilling destination beyond the demands of full-time work and family responsibilities.

I believe in bringing people together to create meaningful next chapters. Whether you’re seeking a trusted partner, a group of individuals dedicated to your success, or a community of like-minded seekers, Demarest Directions is here to ensure you don’t have to face this journey alone.

 What makes me Sandy 🙂


I enjoy spending time with Russ, my husband of 40 years. I am often found on a tennis court, working out with weights, or on long walks on the beach.

I adore our chocolate lab, Shelby, and love walking with her.  High on my life priorities list, are visits to my three grown daughters and their families, including 2 grandchildren. I often combine family visits with traveling to new places. 

Cooking and experimenting with new recipes are fun and creative for Sandy. 

As a recently certified instructor, I will be incorporating Barre into my retreats, and hope to start teaching classes soon.

My very first book is hot off the press (literally). I enjoyed being a co-author so much.

Community is where we thrive. I’d love for you to come and follow along with me on my socials.