What if you could give your pre-retirement employees a valuable benefit beyond their 401K that delivers real bottom-line benefits to both you and your employee?

You can. Demarest Directions’ New Path Retirement seminars and coaching programs give your employees the tools they need to plan for this critical next chapter and deliver real benefits to you in the process.

Customizable workshops and coaching programs deliver direct benefits:

Corporate Seminars:

Our corporate retirement seminars address the needs of both individuals and your key support staff. They serve as a general overview and can be customized to address your specific organizational needs. Post-seminar, individual programs are a natural next step for your pre-retirement population, supporting the employee through personalized coaching and tools for this crucial life transition.

Some current seminar topics include:

Individual Corporate Programs:

Individually-focused coaching programs offer the highest level of individual support, resources, and coaching. Whether you select our effective and proven “Almost There” or “What’s Next” retirement coaching programs or work with Demarest Directions to craft your company’s custom solution, individual programs offer one-to-one support and resources to ensure your employee’s unique situation and needs are surfaced and addressed.