Live or Virtual

Retreats & Gatherings

Experience the benefits of a mindful pause to explore what’s important.

We all experience it – our lives have hit a rut.
Just when we need to think and envision our next chapter, the energy and insight just aren’t there. Sometimes the best antidote is to break away from the daily routine and focus just on yourself in a supportive, nurturing environment.

These gatherings and communities for those who are ready to pause and listen to what is calling them next. When you experience the opportunity to meaningfully connect with others in a beautiful setting that is peaceful and inspiring, your heart and soul are nourished and refreshed. These etreats are designed to be an invigorating blend of inspiration, fun, and focused work. It’s a time to press the “pause” button and do some deep work that will reveal life-changing insights

Whether it is a day-long workshop at a winery, or a 1 to 3-day guided retreat in a gorgeous location, you’ll be engaging with a community and setting that foster connection, self-knowledge, and creativity.

Retreats are also a great way to be introduced to what a coaching experience might look like for you. While they are complete programs that yield real results, they can also be the beginning of something even more profound.

“I cannot remember a time where I really sat with myself to figure out my next stage of life. I learned that it’s my turn after years of giving to others and learning to turn inward to find true meaning and fulfillment in my life felt so

Rewire 2023 Participant