For years you’ve thought, “When I retire, there’ll be no more…” No more commute, no more timekeeping, no more working for someone else. Now, that next chapter is just around the corner, and different questions begin to emerge -- questions such as, “What will there be?” and, even more importantly, “Who will I be?” Suddenly, that dream come true is not looking like a dream at all.  You realize leaving work is not a destination but the beginning of a new path – a path which no one but you can determine. We can help.

This is not your parents’ retirement! Today’s retirees are living longer and have many more opportunities than previous generations. Imagine being the architect of your own life – defining and designing your perfect balance of purpose and fun. We’ll explore:

We have designed a uniquely tailored coaching program that incorporates a holistic approach across health, relationships, work, finances, and leisure. We will work with you to create your own personalized plan complete with detailed objectives and a roadmap to reach them.

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Whatever your need, our New Path Retirement offerings have just the solution for you. Perhaps you just need to fine-tune your retirement through our individual “Almost There” coaching or want to build your retirement plan from the ground up through our “What’s Next” comprehensive coaching program. Maybe joining a small group or participating in a workshop is the perfect next step. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to tackle such important questions as:


You want individual attention and focus in developing your retirement plan.

“Almost There” Retirement Coaching

You’ve got a plan in mind for retirement, but need a “check” to see if you’re on track. Is your plan realistic? Is it the right plan for you? Our “Almost There” program includes:

“What’s Next” Comprehensive Retirement Coaching

Retirement is looming, and you need a plan in place. Our twelve-week “What’s Next” program may be just what you need to put you ahead of the planning curve and position you for a fulfilling post-work life.  Here we’ll build on the elements of our “Almost There” program to design an actionable step-by-step plan for your successful transition.

“What’s Next” includes all the elements of our “Almost There” program, plus:


You want more information and more resources for your retirement planning either in a small group or larger group setting.

Small Groups


Sandy has developed several entertaining and informative retirement seminars designed for companies, civic groups, or other interest groups. Current topics include: