For years you’ve thought, “When I retire, there’ll be no more…” No more commute, no more timekeeping, no more working for someone else. Now, that next chapter is just around the corner, and different questions begin to emerge -- questions such as, “What will there be?” and, even more importantly, “Who will I be?” Suddenly, that dream come true is not looking like a dream at all.  You realize leaving work is not a destination but the beginning of a new path – a path which no one but you can determine. We can help.

This is not your parents’ retirement! Today’s retirees are living longer and have many more opportunities than previous generations. Imagine being the architect of your own life – defining and designing your perfect balance of purpose and fun. We’ll explore:

What does transitioning to this new phase look like?

What is most important to me? What are my values?

What excites me? What are my dreams?

What fears do I need to address?

What are my practical and personal needs?

What financial questions do I need to consider?

How will I structure my new life?

We have designed a uniquely tailored coaching program that incorporates a holistic approach across health, relationships, work, finances, and leisure. We will work with you to create your own personalized plan complete with detailed objectives and a roadmap to reach them.

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